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Our 5 Stage Method is guaranteed for 10 years on all exterior coatings

(Examples of the main processes, some of which may not apply to all installations)

Man power washing ready for the Biocide


Removal of all dirt, mould, algae and loose paint by power-washing, wirebrushing, scraping or other mechanical method. Where appropriate, treat surfaces with a Biocide. This is strongly recommended in areas where growth has been removed.

man trowling and redering


Repair all damaged and worn surfaces, reinstating with the appropriate materials. Damaged render is removed and replaced all cracks repaired. Great care is taken towards minimising the visibility of any repairs.

Man on ladder masking a window


The very first process is the protection of all doors, windows, paths and surrounding areas by masking-up with tape, heavy-duty paper, polythene and dust-sheets. Great care is taken to protect plants, bushes and lawns.

A man priming a area of wall


CLASSIC Primer or Slush are high performance base coats designed to be used on masonry surfaces, applied prior to the final application of CLASSIC 21. This provides excellent adhesion and weatherproofing.

Spraying a new coating onto wall


Applied by using Specialist Spray Equipment, CLASSIC 21 is sprayed onto the surfaces. A minimum of 1.2 litres of CLASSIC 21 is applied to every square metre. The CLASSIC 21 textured finish helps conceal any repair work and dries to a beautiful uniform finish.

A tape mesure showing feet amd meters


Invite either Benny or Paul to visit your home to measure up and help advise on the best coating for your property, help pick the perfect colour and time for installation and be left with a fully itemised printed guaranteed for 12 months price.