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Classic 21: Is a textured coating we apply to help conceal surface imperfections offering long life, water resistance and colour stability

The Classic 21 wall coating system provides a high build, oil based, polyester resin coating; specifically formulated to provide excellent water resistance, outstanding durability, low maintenance and long life. Classic 21 is available in course texture or fine texture in sixteen standard colours. Special colour matching is also a service offered.

Classic 21 is a Textured Masonry treatment that protects and beautifies the external walls of your home. Applied by our specialists the installation eliminates the need for frequent re-painting, it is many times thicker than conventional paint and its unique textured finish helps conceal surface imperfections, repair or restoration work to ensure uniform results of lasting beauty.

The system resists rain penetration whilst still allowing the walls of the home to breathe, reducing problems traditionally associated with water such as cracking, spalling and delamination.

Resistant to mould, alkali, acid rain and pollution.

Cracks on a 		         wall


Ordinary paints soon become brittle and this quite often results in chipping, flaking and peeling. CLASSIC 21, when applied to correctly prepared surfaces in accordance with Andura’s recommendations, remains flexible and will not chip, flake or peel.

Mould showing         on wall surface


Ordinary paints quickly lose their resistance to mould and algae. CLASSIC 21 contains fungicides resulting in superb mould and algae resistance. The System also has outstanding resistance to alkali. With these properties protecting your home our coating is able to resist the onslaught of Irish weather without weakening.

Acid rain          damage, plaster falling away


CLASSIC 21 has excellent resistance to acid rain and resists the penetration of carbon dioxide which can cause carbonation, a process which damages reinforced concrete.


CLASSIC 21 is a high-performance coating that eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls. Typical wall paints start to flake or peel after as little of two maybe three years, then the colour will also start to fade. Classic 21 has a minimum life of ten years guaranteed no peeling no flaking and colour stability throughout this time. True, value for money.


Ordinary paints soon fade, discolour and become badly stained. Light-fast pigments of the highest quality are used in CLASSIC 21 ensuring good colour stability on exposure to sunlight. With twelve beautiful architectural colours to choose from and a colour matching service should you have a colour in mind, we cover all your needs with this advanced protective coating.

Man spray painting a wall


Using our five stage process your home will be power washed all debris scraped from the walls, then a biocide will be applied to the walls all windows and doors will be masked shrubs, trees and bushes covered for their protection, the property primed and finally covered with a coating in the colour of your choice.